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A Symbiotic Relationship

What if the tree

Knows more than me?

What if it can see

More than I can see?

What if it’s connected to this earth

More than I am?

What then?

What if everything is conscious?

What if a tree

I climbed as a kid

Remembers me?

What if the tree

Remembers every fallen leaf?

The Tree Of Life

Got cut down

And turned into paper

In order for this material world

To manifest itself

And now our ego’s fill the sky’s

With poison

As we believe

We are much more

Then the nature around us.

We cannot separate ourselves from the behavior of the world

We are something the whole world is doing

Our path is something you and the whole world is choosing.

You are it and it is you


Like two fireflies

Caught in a perpetual spiraling in the night sky

A beautiful mix

A symbiotic


Us and the universe


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