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A Mediation

Close your eyes

And imagine

And breath

And believe

In everything possible

Focus on the good

Focus on love

Focus on life



Be it

And believe it

And breath

Feed your mind


Feed the brain


Feed the soul


Keep your eyes closed

And let go

Of everything out of your control

And be still

Still in spirit

Still in body

Still there

But also



And believe

Clear the clutter

And focus on one thing

Let it flow

Let it roll

Let it go

And let it be

Just breath

And be

Just breath

And believe

It’s maintenance

It’s a slight influence

On that free will we may have

It’s an exercise

To strengthen your peace

And still the rushing mind

It’s a mediation

And a way of living

A way of trying

To direct the ship

That is

Your responses to reality

So breath

And believe.


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