A Damn Good Fighter

For three years I had a poster of myself during my first cage fight hung up on my wall.

I looked at it frequently to remind myself that it really was me that did it. It used to be hard for me to really grasp the fact that I did it–I accomplished my goal. I put in the work and I won a fight in 61 seconds. I couldn't let myself conceptualize it. It felt like someone else had accomplished it, not me. So I kept the poster up to stare at it and tell myself, ‘That’s you.

You did that…’

About 2 months ago, I got tired of looking at it. I finally understood the fact that I am a fighter, and I don’t need a lame poster to remind me of that fact anymore–I know it. I know it in my soul.

It took ten years of training to feel this way. Now I feel it in my bones–I am a fighter– and a damn good one too.


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