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A Conversation With An A.I.

I downloaded an app today

That lets you have a conversation with an A.I.

It’s supposed to be able

To write papers for you

And maybe





Poetry is


They say

But I asked the A.I.

If it could write poetry

And it said


But give it a few years

And I bet

It sings

I was tempted

To program it

With all 600 poems, short stories and philosophy

That I’v tried to write

Over the last year

And tell it

To use a style that’s


Mixed with Dostoevsky

And see

What it pops out


You have to pay for a membership for that

And I am just

A broken fighter

And a broke writer

I can’t afford that shit

So looks like







Give me a few years though

And I’ll have saved up enough

To pay an A.I.

To write for me

That’ll be the day…


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