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Atop of the sea

Or next to a star

Wherever you are

You are

Still you

It’s true

The new view

Doesn’t change you

You could be on a mountain

Or down in a canyon

You are still you

Alone in a dark room

Or in the madness of crowds

You are you

When the wave

Crashes into your body


Hold on to you

When the crowds try to change you

And nature molds you

Stay true

Because you

Are uniquely you.

Many feet

Have walked this dirt

But not until you took your first step

Did the dirt know you

When the dark room haunts you

And being alone with you

Is the last thing you want to do

And true doesn’t seem true


You are you

You have choices in the chaos

You have light in the darkness

Led cannot be turned into gold

Without a dash of suffering, magic, belief–

And also,

Unless you stay true to you.


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