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You Are

I have a super computer in my pocket at all times,

and a vehicle that can go 90 miles per hour;

But, for some reason

I don’t think of myself as a super computer;

And I don’t think of myself

As a human that casually travels faster than 99% of all humans throughout our history.

I can sore through the sky,

But I don’t think that I can fly.

I can play music,

but I don’t think of myself as a miracle.

I can write books,

But, for some reason

I am still not a writer.

Why don’t we think that we are the things that we do?

Why don’t we think that we are the things that we create?

Why the dissociation?

These things don’t exist in harmony with us?

Of course they do, and that’s why we don’t see them.

They are so ingrained into our being that we constantly take them for granted.

You are a super-computer.

You are a speedster.

You can fly.

You are the miracle that you pray for.

You are a writer.

You are the stars.

You are the sunset.

You are everything you can see,

and you are everything that you believe.


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