Wisdom In The Puppet Show

For something like wisdom

To be obtained

One must step out of the box

And almost go insane

Reality must be shattered

The mad hatter

And in the cave

We will come to face

The light

That is too bright

Even Plato might go blind

If he saw the games being played

Today in the mind

It’s a different cave


Maybe only the puppets have changed

In this time

Of screens

No one knows anymore

What life means

Plato might say

That we've never known


In today's today

We can study


But there lays


The lies of the winning

While covering up

All of their sinning

The propaganda machine

Makes it hard to believe anything

Start at times beginning

And work your way forward

From blind

To blurry

To a little clearer

As time gets nearer

To wherever you are

Plato might say

That we have so much to read

So much to learn

Through our screens

It’s potential

It’s mental

It’s essential

To learn philosophy

Both Eastern

And Western

Study religion and myth

See where they hit

And where they missed

Pay attention to what needs to be burned

And understand

There’s always something to be learned

Listen and play music

And use it

To flow

And to grow

Create art

Straight from the human heart

Do a martial art

Find a way

To flow

When life’s wave’s hit

Learn how to roll

It’s all a dream

It’s all a stroll

This walk in the park

We call life

It needs wings

To take flight

Fuel it the fire

The things that make you desire

More life

Learn how to love

And build relationships

We are all in this together

On the same sinking ship

Own a dog

And thank God

Even if you don’t think he/she exist

Be grateful

Never hateful

Of the sinking ship

Save each other

For we are all sisters and brothers

And love this planet

She is the mother

Look up to the sun

In appreciation of her shine

Go on a run

Get on your grind

Build up your body

Build up your mind

If you wish for wisdom


Something will always be missing

There is too much to understand

One man is just one man

But when a village understands

Well man o’ man

How things can go as planned

The things we can do

Me and you

If we grew

And came together

We could make this world

Just a little bit better

We can find a new cave

And have our own puppet show

And on and on it goes...


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