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Why The World Doesn't Change

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

We were supposed to change the world,

but instead,

the world changed us.

Changing the world ended up being . . . well, a lot of work.

We got caught up in the grind,

just to survive our lives—and the dreams of changing the world

slowly died in the mind.

Time went by,

and instead of breaking the wheel,

we helped spin it.

We became what we wanted to change . . .

Our revolution


faded away . . .

We were always thinking that we could change things

on another day.

We became what we wanted to change . . .

Always products of our environments . . .

That’s what they say,

don’t they?


I look at the world

and want to rage against it all.

I want to see these systems fall.

. . . Raging against our environment,

and not adapting to it,

makes it


for us

who don’t

want to become

what we wanted



So the world stays the same.


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