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Where Demons Play

Into the fray

Where the demons play

It’s all a game

It’s all insane

To them

But we jump right in

Fistfighting the abyss

For brief moments of love

Swimming through a sea of our sins

Praying for the lighthouse within

To show us the way

Calm in the chaos

Lost in the sauce

While our time gets bought

While our lives

Get sold

We sold our souls a long time ago

Now no one can be bold

We just sit at home

And do what we’re told

Good little boys and girls

Bowing to the order

This isn’t the life

That I ordered

I wanted the life of adventure

Not the one

In a cage

With my sails shredded

The cave

Goes on and on and on

So far


From the light

I have no choice

But to fistfight for my life.


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