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What're We Even Doing?

One of three retired Americans report being depressed.


Half of our first marriages end in divorce; while our second and third marriages statistically last much longer.

We work our whole lives just to be depressed when we finally stop working?

But, wasn’t the goal retirement?


We spend our whole lives hoping to find someone that will love us enough to want to build a life together with us, just for it all to fall apart in ten years?

What’re we even doing?

Working for corporations that wouldn’t miss a beat if we died?

Desperate for a love that will evaporate soon?

Starting a family, just to rip it apart?

Just a single drop in the ocean . . . but would the sea actually notice if the sun sucked you up?

. . . Is a truly meaningful life so rare?

So many pointless jobs in a big world filled with so many worker bees . . . Hardly even a choice in what you could be. 

Money is a funny game

Almost as funny as fame

To be known

All alone on a throne

Some days they love you

And some days they throw stones.

. . . What’re we even doing?

. . .

Is a truly meaningful life so rare?

CH 5/22/24

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