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What Does It Feel Like To You?

Today the sky is blue

      And the sun shines

But tomorrow

      They call for snow

And that’s just how life goes, 

     doesn’t it?

One day in the sun

One day in the snow

One day life is fun

One day life moves slow

One day is full of joy

One day is full of pain

One day we want everything to stay the same

One day we rage for change

And then there are all those days that are somewhere in between all of that

There are days when our life feels like it means something

And then there are the days when we feel nothing 

And what do I know?

Nothing. I know nothing

I just assume I know about life. But, really, I just know about my own life. And even then, I have a major bias. 

I know nothing of what life feels like to you.

So, tell me, what does life feel like to you? 

Are we the same,

But just on a different page?

Are we the same?

   Maybe just slightly strange?

Please tell me,

What does life feel like to you?

Because, I feel like I am always telling you what life feels like to me

But I never get to know you

And how you feel

And that doesn’t seem fair anymore.

CH 3/4/24

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