What An Army Of Poems Couldn't Say

Updated: Jan 29

Metaphors about nature won’t work for this one

(They bore me anyways)

Nor will a rhyming scheme

I cannot do a haiku, no, not for this

There is no plan to be mysterious

and lead you astray,

just for a surprise twist.

And there will not be funny or clever punchlines at the end.

I will not hide what I want to say

behind short stories and characters.

No more representations

No more philosophy

No more complaining about the world

No more cleverness

There’s only so many ways to say the same thing,

and I’ve said it every which way,

except the right way.

So here it is,

everything I’ve been trying to express,

summed up in one sentence,

I miss you,


I am sorry.


I know,

it still isn’t enough.


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