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please come find me.

I am alone-

you’ve avoided me,

and I need to know why.

Why have you avoided me?

Why do you dodge me?

Why can’t I experience you?

Don’t I deserve it?

Don’t I need it?


unanswerable questions,

asked to a god I’m not sure is real.

The oldest story around.

Talking to a God

I’m not confident is real.

Oh well,

I am drunk anyways.

There is much to be excused for the drunk.

We aren’t held accountable,

as the sobers are,

But still,

To write,

we must be held somewhat accountable.

There is no free pass.

I may not be able to make sense of it all

but I’m still apart of it all.

I still think about it all.

It never leaves me.

I am aware of how reckless I am,

but still,

I type.

Hoping some deep insight will be revealed,

but no,

nothing comes to mind.

Just the drunk waves,

of a distorted reality.

‘Under the influence’,

is what the party-poopers would call it,

but to me,

it’s a regular Wednesday.

Hump day,


without the humping.

Just drunk typing.


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