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We Are One

Why are we so hungry to separate ourselves from nature and technology?

Are we really that special?

Are we really that unique?

Are we not products of these things?

Do we not shape them – and them, us?

Isn’t it a relationship?

Are we not the products of nature – or God?

And is technology not a product of us?

Isn’t it all one whole thing?

We are the sunset.

We are the waterfall.

We are the super computer.

And we are Artificial Intelligence

We are the rocket ship.

And we are the exploding star.

A human is not superior to the river just because we can damn it and fish it.

We are beautiful and magical because of it. 

We are in a relationship with the river, just like how we are in a relationship with each other.

It is all one.

It is all connected.

Harming nature is harming ourselves.

The resistance of technology is the resistance against our evolution.

We are on this path. 

And it is on us.

It is within us, and all around us.

We are it, and it is us.

But dominating nature to further our evolution is a recipe for a bad break up. 

And mother nature is ruthless. 

She remembers everything.

She will haunt us with a vengeance, unless we apologize and change to be better. 

But isn’t this exactly what a relationship is?

It isn't easy to live in harmony with each other, and it isn’t easy to live in harmony with nature.

Much like how men dominated women for so long – but now women have risen up – we should try to do the same with nature. 

We must empower her once again. 

There are ways to evolve technology without dominating her. I am sure of it.

But first we must get to the understanding that we are all part of this thing. 

The ant is us, and we are the ant.

And aren’t they not a pretty accurate representation of how we structure society sometimes?

We are all one –  and what we create is us as well. 


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