I sit here,

waiting for you.

I wait





You never show up,


I keep looking for you,



reminds me of you.

I wait for the day

when i stop thinking about you


you show up.

Neither things happen,

but still,

I wait.

Weeks go by

and weeks

turn into months,

and months,

into years.

The dark circles under my eyes

grow darker

The wrinkles on my forehead

get deeper,

like I am carved from stone,

with the cracks from age

and the weather,

breaking me down slowly.

Yet still,

I sit here,

waiting for you.

You’re a different person now,

but still,

I wait.

I wait to see your blue eyes again

I wait to hear your laugh

I wait to see your smile

I wait to see you dance

I wait to listen to music with you

I wait…





The doctors tell me I am sick

That I only have months to live


I wait.

They say I have days now.

Family come

to say their goodbyes to me

Friends bring me flowers

and balloons

They cry,

as they say goodbyes,

But I don’t care,


I am still waiting for you…

I lay in the hospital bed,

with each breath

getting harder and harder


I wait.

My eyes want to close,

I want to stop the fight,

every breath hurts now,

every second living hurts.


I hold on,

just in case,

I can see you again,

before I die.

You don’t show,

like all the times before,

and I die.

Yet still,


I’ll keep waiting…


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