Very Drunk

Very drunk,

probably isn’t the best time to write.

I’m usually

just the regular amount of drunk,

but i’ll proceed anyway.

I modeled today;

pretended to be happy for many pictures.

It was a shoot for an alcohol company.

I was drunk before I showed up,

and I am definitely drunk now.

I am supposed to meet a lady in an hour.

I was thinking about sobering up,

but i got another drink instead.

I showed up to the shoot,


drank as they took pictures of me,

pretending to be happy-

pretending to enjoy

whatever product it was,

I was attempting to promote.

So what did I think about modeling?


there are definitely better ways to get drunk-

but free booze and $200,

is probably worth the hangover

I will have in the morning.

But pretending to be happy….

that gets harder every day.


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