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Under The Tree

As I was walking my dog

Along the side of a street next to my house

I noticed a little white cross under a tree

We walked up to the cross

And stared at it for awhile

There was no name on it

No flowers around it


There was just

A little white cross

I imagined a car accident

Along this road

But I have no idea

If this cross is new or old

I have no idea

If that cross is for me or you

Or if it’s for a little old lady




Child . . .

I don’t know

But all the different scenarios play in my head

As I stare at the little white cross

I wonder who would know who died here?

I wonder if people still speak the name of the deceased?

I wonder how often someone remembers him/her?

A gust of wind chills my cheeks

And a big black truck

Zooms by

Going way over the speed limit.

RIP to the unknown person under the tree.

CH 1/19/24

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