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To Little Knox

There can’t be very many people alive

that know your parents better than I do.

So here are a few things about them

Your father,

has basically been a father to me for the last six months.

He cooks

He cleans

He works

He pays the bills

He is generous

He is smart

He helps me with my car when I need help

He shows me how to use a tool when I don’t know how

(so basically every tool)

He teaches me how to cook

He helps me with my dog

He makes an extra meal for me

We talk about politics

We talk about philosophy

We talk about mental health

We talk about life

We talk about everything

His insight is always valuable to me,

He’s a passionate person

and passionate people can burn bright.

Your dad burns bright

He burns hot

He can light up a room

He can build a house with his own hands

and demolish it with those same hands.

He doesn’t know it yet

but he is already a great dad.

He will teach you so many things

I’m stoked to see how he raises you

and what type of kid you turn out to be

Now Knox,

for your mom,

I am uniquely qualified to tell you several things about her,

and maybe one day,

when your older,

you’ll appreciate an ‘outside’ perspective on your parents.

I’ve been roommates with your mom for almost three years now

There isn’t a human alive that I’ve spoken to more in that time, than her.

I am sorry to report

that she is just like me,

in a lot of ways

We have a similar vibe

A similar energy

She is my sister

She will make a great mother to you,

I know this.

She will love you furiously

She will protect you

No one will be allowed to talk shit about you

(even if you suck, which I doubt you will,

but, you never know, you know?)

She will always stick up for you

(probably when you’re in the wrong sometimes)

She will teach you how to treat women

and I'd probably listen to her on that one.

When you get to be a teenager,

just be honest with her,

she can be pretty chill .

You’ll probably think she is a dork

and that's fair.

I can tell she is currently growing

she’s getting ready for you-

they both are.

They will love you

and give you a great home.

I might be living here still,

when you move in.

We might be roommates soon.

I’m still trying to figure it out,

whether I want to live with you or not.

You can’t blame me!

You’ll be a baby at first!

And I am an almost respectable bachelor by the standards of a few!

You know what I mean, Knox?

Are you going to cry all night??

I like my sleep, you know??

How am I supposed to write a poem with you crying in the next room?

I am going to blame you if my career never takes off!

The resentful uncle!

That’s what I’ll become!


It’s a cliche..

I hate cliches.


Change of plans!

The grateful uncle!

Truly though Knox,

your parents have treated me incredibly well in my entire time knowing them.

I am grateful for any second they chose to have me in your life for.

You’re a special kid,


because you have a very

very special


and pretty great parents too.


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