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Time Is Too Precious To Spend It With Pimps

Some people write beautifully

with big words

and I give you

all of these turds

for you romantic nerds

I wonder,

if I was ugly,

would some of y’all

still be reading this?

If I wasn’t single

and handsome





Would you even care?

Being beautiful isn’t easy, you know?

It’s a burden to bear

I’ll bear it bravely though

I’ll suffer through

If it gets you

to buy a book or two

then I’ll shampoo

my hair

and pretend to care

I’ll shave my beard

And try not to be to weird

I’d suggest lowering all expectations of me

I am not who you imagine me to be

Take that image

and shake it

like those Etch A Sketch toys

we had as kids

Shake it like that

after attempting a shitty drawing

Start with a blank slate

and remember

if we don’t debate

it would be a miracle

Just remember, dear reader

I come from a place of love

Not hate

Never hate

Only love

I am desperately hanging on to my relationships

while the world sinks all of my ships

Those damn pimps

The government

Giving my two cents

Into mostly nonsense

All while the time went

Yesterday was spent

But today

Who I am here with

That’s where I can’t miss

Time is too precious

To spend it with pimps

Do me a favor, will you, Siri?

Etch A Sketch this one from the old memory bank too.


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