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Time Again And Again And Again

This time—.  . .

This time I—. . .

This time I will. . . get it right, I bet. . .

I’ll live so big that even after I am dead I won’t forget it

I bet I can beat regret. . .

Yes, this time I can be someone

    I can write a line that lives past me

        Profoundly past me

This time I will write a line that will live

    I will bring art to life

    And this time

     It’ll rise

      And rise and rise

This time I will be one of a kind

This time I won’t do drugs and I’ll sharpen my mind

This time I will be alive

Not stuck to a screen

   Wondering what this life really means

     Wondering if this world isn’t what it seems

       If nothing is what it appears to be

       And then staying in my home alone

      Not being brave enough to go out and explore

  To see if it is true that there is more. . .

Yes, this time—. . .

I will—. . .

Well, shit

Hopefully this time will be different 

This time I won’t get stuck

I won’t settle

I won’t spend my time trying to fuck

     Any woman that moves

This time I’ll find my groove

This time I’ll have everything to lose 

I will, won’t I?

I will. . . won’t I?

If I was given time again

    Surely I wouldn’t just waste it all again?

If I was given time again 

    I would spend that time truly living 

Again and again and again

If I was given time again. . .

. . . would I waste it all again?

I’ll live a life so big that I won’t forget about it even after I have died,

    And when I remember it

       I will be grateful that this time

 I tried.

CH 3/2/24

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