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The Sun Is A She

I’ve heard them say

That the sun is conscious

As kids

We draw our suns with a smile

I always drew mine with sunglasses


I did think that the sun was alive

Maybe I assumed

The sun gives so much life to this earth

Is she just a giver

And never a receiver of life?

That doesn’t seem fair

That isn’t balanced

We should be grateful for the sun

Like many of the cultures of the past

Who worshiped her

We should always draw the sun with a big smile

And big sunglasses

We should feel the warmth on our skin

And thank our stars

That the sun suspends up there

And shines down on us

But too often these days

We take her for granted

There seems to be a lot of woman in my life

That I’ve been taking for granted

But I think I’ll start fixing that

By stretching in the sun

And I'll imagine my sun in the sky

with a smile and sunglasses

Checking me out

As I do downward dog

And I will be grateful that she is watching over me.


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