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The Starving Mind Of 2022

Another year down.


it’s going in the shitter,

which is where I put 2020.

Two years of lock-downs

Two years of masks

Two years of fear

Two years of lies

Two years of mandates

Two years of news reporters and politicians.

In the shitter is where it all belongs.

I was called a murderer for not getting vaccinated.

Multiple times.

By self righteous saviors of the pandemic.

Thank god for them.

I don’t like being told what to do,

especially when it comes from

our brain dead narcissist politicians.

Too many times over the last two years

have I had to stay silent

and listen to the bullshit people spout.

Too many times,

I bit my tongue

and ate the spouting bullshit.

I learned,

through trial and error,

that you can’t have a conversation with someone about

the government

the vaccine

the virus

the media

the healthcare system

the world


of life.

At Least not an honest conversation.

You can pretty much only talk about the weather

and the holidays to people.

The kind of conversation that makes a boring and mundane job

more boring and mundane.

The curious mind has been beaten and chained up

by the self righteous saviors of the pandemic.

There is no room for questions

in their world.

And the curious mind starves.

It cannot be fed by the weather and the holidays.

It needs meat to sink its teeth into.

It needs substance

It needs a conversation worth having.

Two years of the young thinkers being told not to think.

It’s criminal.

They’ve stolen our time


are attempting to steal our intelligence.

Some willingly hand it over,

like it is yesterday's cheese.

Few resist,

and continue to ask questions.

But only the few.

The biggest robbery of our lives

will be the theft of our time.

The biggest crime will be the starvation of the curious mind.

Hell on earth

is another



the weather


the holidays,

while having to eat the spouting bullshit.

Maybe this year will be better

Maybe the curious minds will be feed

Maybe we will be able to ask questions

Maybe the few that resist,

will turn into the many.

Maybe there is reason to be optimistic.

Maybe 2022 won’t have to be plopped into the shitter

and flushed away like the last two years.

I’ll raise my drink

and toast to that.


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