The Simple Poet

I am no poet

No writer

No philosopher

I am no weaver of great tales

No creator of great stories

I haven’t written a great character


A decent poem


Not yet

I don’t know what I am

What my voice is

Why I should have a voice

I just see a world that could use some polishing.

I am no polisher of the world

but I don’t know what else to do…

I don’t know what good it’ll do…

Sometimes I wonder,

if this world is too far


I just can’t accept it though

I think it’s the fight in me

I don’t like giving up

I like having hope

I like to be optimistic

I like believing

I like trying

An absurd world?


A meaningful world?


A meaningless world?


A mystical world?


I’m not the one to make sense of it for you

I shouldn’t be telling you what to do

I am just a guy

Who probably says more than he should

I stopped writing poetry


just started to tell people how to live

How to see the world

To try to see it

To clean the lens


Who am I to say such things to you?

I am a simple writer,

I see

and I write

I feel

and I write

I observe

and I write

I think

and I write

I hardly edit

I barely proofread

I never finish big projects

I impulsively react

I make muses out of people

I don’t really structure this stuff out ahead of time

I am a con artist

A comedian

The trickster

The man who types

For no reason

With no credentials

Little education

Little life experience

No matter

He types away



For his own amusement

This gibberish

These rants

This game

These jokes

These women

and exaggerations

These overly romantic moments

These nights where I just feel like saying shit

Without really thinking

Just honestly expressing

Whatever this is

It’s me

I am flawed




Forgive me


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