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The Shadow On Your Floor

What haunts you

   Is hardly ever the devil knocking at your door


  What really haunts you

    Is your shadow on the floor . . .

The constant desire 

      To obtain more 

          Has nothing to do with the devil knocking at your door

Your expectations 

   For yourself

     And for everyone else

        Peck at your brain

          Like that pesky Crow 

            That taps on your window

   But it’s not the devil at your door

      Nor the crow picking at your brain 

        That haunts you

           No, it’s your shadow on your floor

The devil just knocks

   And hopes

    That you’ll let her in

      So she can feast on your sins

       And teach you how to never forgive

   But you already have a tough time living

    Without ever letting her in 

The shadow on your floor

  Tortures so much more

    Than the devil ever did

You slowly opened up your lid

 And took a sneak peak

   And your shadows inside 

    Called you a freak

     As your brain starts to leak

     Out of your skull

       And form more shadows on your floor

The devil knocks and knocks

   But eventually leaves

     Yet still

   You can hardly breathe

So you get on your knees

  And start to pray

But the words don’t come

   Because you never know what to say

To a God who created this world

  . . .  What do you say to a God who created this world, anyway?

Maybe . . . why did you make it this way?

  Dear God, why did you make the world this way?

   And . . .

 Why is the Devil out to play?

But these are the type of thoughts

  That have no answer

And this is why they stick around and haunt us so

   And eventually turn into

Your shadow on your floor.



       CH 3/21/24


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