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The Sea Lion Savior

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

There’s a story

that people tell

about a man


was going to jump off the Golden Gate bridge

and kill himself

if no one

stopped and talked to him

while he was up there.

Well, one lady did come up to him

to tell him

to hurry the hell up.

. . .

I don’t remember the rest of the story,

but I’m pretty sure he didn’t jump.

Something happened while he was up there.

But the only thing from that story that people like to tell

that I remember,

is the fact that the man just needed one person to care that day,

and no one did.

No one cared.

He needed just one other person to ask him how he was doing.

No one did.

. . .

Holy shit!

I went to google and

he did jump!

He got a running start,

and he leapt off the edge!

Holy shit!

He fell 220 feet,

at 75 mph,

and survived!

He shattered his vertebrae, and

the Doc told him that he was two millimeters away from severing his spine . . .

Two millimeters.


They say that as he was struggling to get to the surface when a creature nudged him . . .

“I punched it because I thought it was a shark coming to eat me, but it helped me stay afloat until the Coast Guard came.”

That’s what he said!

Witnesses told him that the sea lion saved his life that day . . .

. . .

What the hell?!

. . .

It’s safe to say that I’ll remember the rest of the story now.

. . .

When no human would save him,

a fucking sea lion



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