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The Perfect Blossom

There once was a man

Who didn’t have a plan

   But the life he imagined for himself

Was so grand

 Unfortunately, though

 He never had a couple grand

He was always broke with an inch of hope

  So he just sat around

   Collecting pennies

 And sometimes he would go out on the town

And dream of leaving 

  But the pennies were never enough

And the grind was tough 

   His great escape 

Was late

  So he packed his bags

And bought a plane ticket to Japan

  But the man

Still didn’t have a plan

   Or money

He didn’t speak Japanese 

  He got on his knees

And begged for a job

  But no one there would hire him

He walked to a park 

  And found a cherry tree

In full bloom

  He sat down

Studied the tree

And picked up his pen 

 And taking what he was feeling within

 Started to write

And never looked back again


They say in Japan

 That he is still there

 Sitting down

Staring at the tree

   And they say

That’s where he will be

   For all of eternity.

CH 12/23/23

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