The Path's We Choose

A time comes when a man must choose

A life of security


A life of passion

The two cannot coexist

Except in the few lucky ones

Who’s passions are so polished

That the livers of security

Will pay for glimpses

Of that passion

They live through the art

Through the passion

And they wish

That was the path they would’ve chosen

The starving artist

Looks at the life of security with envy

As he struggles to sell his art

As he faces rejection

After rejection

After rejection

As he barely pays the bills

And drives around in an old beater

As the ones around him question his life decisions

And he continues to struggle

For the sake of his passion

Then there are those whose passion

Is making money.

Be careful of these ones

They will sell your soul for

a vacation

They will sell everyone's soul

for power

What path will you choose?


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