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The Owl

That beak

And those big eyes

Peck at my brain

That owl

That creature

It claws at my eyes

From deep within

My pesky friend

That owl

He lives inside me

And I have to feed him

He wants knowledge

He thirst for wisdom

But I don’t always listen


I starve him

He rages against me

And takes flight

He darts around the mind

His dark cave

Those eyes shine bright in the darkness

A window

A light

The caged bird yearns for flight

My friend

The owl

He perches in my belly

And I drown him with booze

Swim now

Mr owl

Just sit still for a second or two

Let me rest

Let me be

A small boat

Against a raging sea

Me vs me

The owl and I

Together forever

Until the day that we die.


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