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The Fake Laughter Of The Polite

I cannot stand

the fake laughter

of the polite.

Laughter isn’t meant

to be faked.

I cannot stand

the fake sympathy’s

of the polite.

I know you don’t really care.

I cannot stand

the Jaywalker

who jaywalks

20 feet


to a


I don’t know why this one irks me so

but it does,

and oh does it.

I cannot stand

the liars,

who lie,

so they can seem


You just want to feel good about yourself.

I cannot stand

The needy person.

Leave me alone.

I am not your puppet,

for your amusement.

Get your own damn water.

I cannot stand

the fearful people,

afraid of everything-

afraid to live.

I cannot stand

the zombie.

The ones who never take a stance;

never choses a side-

never believes in anything-

never tries to change the world-

never speaks up-

they hardly exist…

They live

only to not offend

the delicate ego’s

of polite.


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