Faces We Wear

Updated: Jan 19

We all have many faces.

We all have separate personalities.

Our faces change with our environment.

Our personalities adapt.

You have a work face

A party face

An at home face

A face for your friends


A face for your family.

You have a face for christmas

you wear it in front of your mom and dad.

And then you have you have your face for halloween,

that you wear

when you’re drunk at midnight

with your friends.

You have a first date face.

You have a sex face.

A wedding face.

A funeral face.

A birthday face

and the worst face of all,

your work face.

You put on these faces

as an adjustment to your circumstance.

You know you can’t wear your party face at a funeral.

So you're constantly changing,

constantly adapting to fit in.

Constantly wearing fake faces.

And only when you’re alone

and you’ve forgotten about everyone else,

when your behavior isn’t being

influenced by a beautiful woman

sitting across from you,

when are free from the judgement of your friends

and family,

and you empty your mind of the thoughts you have about them,



the face you wear


pretty close

to who you

genuinely are.


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