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The Echoes That Live In Eternity

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Don’t worry

I am still hear

To whisper into your ear

Silly poems of pain

And little quips to stimulate the brain

Revealing just enough

To keep you sane

And just enough

So you can see your chains

Just enough


In the darkness

To be called an artist

But just


I took off my mask

And wrote what I was really thinking

And now some of you

Look at me now

Like a ship that’s sinking

While others


Saw my bleeding

And called it success

They say great art happens

When we rip open our chest

And let the rest

Of the eyes

Get a sneak of what’s behind

All of our masks and lies

No one can know the self

Ice doesn’t know when it will melt

It can’t cry

For help

It just flows

And transforms

Never knowing

What it is doing

And where it is going

It is just


And it is inside of me

Bursting to get out

So, yes

I am still here

I am only working

On something new

For you

But mostly

For me

And if you don’t hear from me

It is only because I am exploring

The echoes that live in eternity

I’ll be back soon.

CH 9/6/23

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