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The Dancing Mind

Smoke fills my lungs

Thoughts dance between my ears

Wine glides down my throat

And into my belly.

It’s a sunny February day,

a rarity around here,

and I,

stay inside,

with my dancing thoughts,

attempting to dance with them.

Love comes to mind

Old feelings

Being brought back

From the place I store them

Deep inside me

I’ve tried to forget

But this love,

it's haunting.

Fear comes to mind,

what I could be if I wasn’t so afraid;

the unfilled potential,

restrained by fear

Loss comes to mind,

the end of love.

A child’s laughter,

from my unborn son,

as he giggles at my funny faces.

The seed I’ll leave behind.

This world,

what a world for a son,

what a world for a parent.

We can only hope,

our lives have enough joy,

our love stays steady,

for when the suffering comes

Too many people

become walking zombies,



Not living



And angry


We can only hope

our suffering doesn’t bite us

And turn us into our fellow man

Smoke fills my lungs

Thoughts dance between in my ears

Whiskey glides down my throat

and into my belly.

I stare out my window

and wonder,

if I should go feel the warmth of the sun

on my skin,

or stay in,

and continue the dance.


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