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The Cry For Change Falls On Deaf Ears

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

There’s a cry being heard around the world

A horrible howl of a pain

A scream for change.

It echoes in the ears of the deaf

It’s felt in the eyes of the passionate

It’s understood by the frowns

and the wrinkles on our faces.

Even the blind can see it.

Even the children can feel it.

Oh what a horrible howl of pain we’re omitting!

It’s a cry for help


who will help us?

There is no hero to save us from ourselves.

There is just


and our cries.

The echo of our cries

vibrate across the universe

and fade into the emptiness.

No one is out there to hear us.

The stars don’t answer

The moon remains mysterious

The planets suspend in space

and we are left on our earth

to answer for our own crimes.

Oh what crimes we have commited!

We are the victims

and the oppressor;

this has been the way.

We reach out for a hand

to help us

but the drowning fool

cannot help the fools

who drown with him.

Oh what fools we have become!

The cries have been a constant

for far too long,

and it has now become

the music that some

dance to.

We put muzzles around our own mouths

We walked in a straight line

We followed the rules

like the children we are.

We volunteered for this

and now,

we must face the consequences of our decisions.

Oh what great followers of rules we have become!

With our muzzles

With our lines

With our rules

With our lies


With our constant cries

we call out for a savior.

We demand that someone fix this.

We listen,


to anyone who will try to tell us what to do.

Most of us fail to realize that



save you.

And once you do,


you can help

the fools drowning next to you.

You must be your own savior.

You must stop crying

and you must start trying.

Or else,

the echoes of our cries

will continue to vibrate

and fade away,

and nothing will change.


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