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The Chaos Star

I ordered a ‘Chaos Star’ necklace

And all of a sudden

I am obsessed with chaos

What a fraud

What a fake

What an


I know it

But still

I imagine

What it’ll be like

To wear the symbol of chaos

Around my neck

Which supposedly stands for

Using novelty & concepts that are helpful to you at that moment even though they are refuting your true beliefs.’

What the fuck is this??

A copy and paste

From the internet

And now

My writing

Looks like this???!


The chaos seeps through

Even in this

And instead of resisting it

I embrace it

And go with it

My new philosophy

As of

One day ago

Buy one necklace

That hasn’t even been delivered yet

And all of sudden

You think you can dance with chaos

It’s laughable

It’s sad

It’s delusional

It’s chaos

It’s seeing it

And feeling it

And then


That everything out there

Also exist

In here

We are



Chaotic beings

As well as


Orderly beings

But for now

I am going to embrace

And maybe



Once I have my necklace though

Then I’ll really fly.


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