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That's Enough For Me

I am alive

In this present moment 

   A combination of the past 

With the potential for a future

   Heading somewhere 

With someone I haven’t met yet

And I like to believe that

  I choose my future

I am trying not to believe

  That the future is set

I hunger for free-will

  It has to be true. . .

It just has to . . .

  What I choose to do

Or not to do

  In this life

Is on me

  It is 

My responsibility 

   It is not predetermined 

I am free

  A slave to the cooperate wheel?


  But still,



A slave to the environment that shapes me?


But still,

   Free to explore it

Free to live

   Free to die

Free to create

  Free to love

Free to hate

  Free to stay silent

And free to engage in a heated debate

If I so wanted to.

“But, Chester, if the apocalypse really is coming, and we do all go extinct, then what is the point of your freedom in the present? If all of this leads to that, then what does it matter what cereal you put into your bowl this morning? And what does it matter if you ran an extra mile today, if the sun explodes tomorrow? What good is your free-will if there is an inevitable future pulling us into it?”

Inevitable future? Do you know it? Do you feel it? No? 

You speculate, but you don’t know. 

And why worry about something that has never happened and might never happen?

No, the apocalypse isn’t here today.

  It isn’t knocking on our door.

Today, I am free,

  Free to choose who to be

And that’s enough for me.

CH 2/2/24

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