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Thanks For Listening

If anyone can hear this

I want you to know

That I am grateful

    That you are here

With me

   Thanks for listening

To the rambles

    Of a lost soul

Who’s out for stroll

   In the maze again 

When life is a play

    When the whole world is a stage

We have to act like we are something

    I am acting like a poet today

And you

    You are the real show

Because without you

    There is no play

There are no words

   If no one reads them

    There is no life

Without each other

   There is no change

If everyone is the same

    There is no game

It is crazy corny to pretend like we don’t need each other

And it is madness

     To pretend like we don’t care 

But some say that it is peace

      That we can almost reach

       When we put up walls

         And block everyone out 

But the only person who gets left out

    Is you

       Peep your future for a minute . . .

       All alone at the age of 62

      Because you locked yourself in your home

       Telling yourself whatever story you needed to

           In order to live alone with you . . .

Ay, at first I was thanking you

And now I chastise you 

But, just know

That when I talk to you

I am also talking to me 

Because I am you

In another world

In another timeline

I am you

And you are me

And together

It creates ‘We’

And ‘We’ is much bigger than you or me 

It is all intertwined 

It is all one big mind

It is all a galaxy 

It the past, present, the future and all of eternity 

And it all lives in our eyes

I guess I am just trying to help

     Both you and me 

Because if I need help today

    Than someday

     You will need help too

And if you need help right now

     Then surely 

      When I am lost in the cosmos

        I’ll need you 

Don’t let me float away today

   I’ll stay

For you

   And I’ll stay for me

And I’ll stay

   So we can create a ‘We’

 I’ll stay

   To live for eternity.

CH 4/27/24

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