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Sweet Dream

Out of the head and into the heart

    To feel

        Something real

Logic can freeze us where we are

     But we are the dying star

        Grand beyond measure

       Meant to streak across the sky

         And inspire wishes in those around us

An idea

A philosophy

A lifestyle 

An embodiment of who we wish to be

I say,

Let all your dreams die

Let go of all expectations

And if

And only if

That dream is resurrected 

Then it's yours 

Once you've lost it

Then it can truly find you

Out of the head

    And into the heart

     But the dying of the light

        Has a head start

To fight again and live?

      Or to fade away into the stories inside of our heads?

Live again

And again

And again

And again

Fight against the inevitable ending that leaves us all empty 

To fight again and live?

      Or to fade away into the stories inside of my head?

I will stake my life on what I can become

So, sweet dream

    Rise again

      Be reborn

     And let's ride

Let's feel alive

     Give me the strength to see the top of the mountain

The one I just fell off of

       And start to climb again

CH 1/3/24

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