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Stuck To Me Like Gum Under A Desk

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

The Law Of Equal Opposites

Has stuck to me

Like old gum

Under the desk

In the 7th grade classroom.

It is stuck on the brain

And the gum

And the brain

Look the same

I can’t tell what I am chewing on

And what I am.

When does what we believe become a part of who we are?

Somewhere, in the middle of the opposites,

there’s life.

There’s a natural flow.

You just have to grasp the two ends of the point.

And you have to constantly adapt,

To position yourself

In the middle.

Eh, I don’t know what the hell I am talking about.

It could be this,

But we’ll never know the secrets to life—

There’s too many of them.

I break laws all the time.

And these laws of nature

Are both real

And imaginary,

That’s what the law states,

Doesn’t it?

Everything is subjective and objective,

And we float around on this spectrum between these two ideas of reality.

I wouldn’t listen.

I wouldn’t take this seriously.

This is just


Of the utmost


And it is also


It is a game.

It’s something to do with this life.

Making sense of this life is how some of us play this never-ending game.

The Law Of Equal Opposites is just an arena,

For confused souls

To have some fun.

And that seems to be

Where I am currently

Stuck in.

Stuck to me like gum.

Like that wall

In seattle

That smells

A little too funky for me.


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