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It Is You

Into the deep

To learn to appreciate 

    Every second 

For what it is


   Not a single second ever


      Not a single second ever


Nothing is ever the same

    The universe exists in a constant state of change

There is no way to hold a moment

    No way to control it 

It is randomness 

   Mixed with eternal novelty 

Because everything we do is new

   Every day you expand with the universe

A death and a birth with every breath we take

   Free-will raging against fate

An open future

   With so many ways to go

Nothing is set, yet

   No, nothing is set


   We seem to forget

That we are the world we are molding

   We are the universe unfolding

What did Carl say?

   “We are the universe experiencing itself.”

And what did Lee Cronin say?

“We are the universe forming a memory.”

We are life

   Born to change

So cherish every moment

   Because nothing ever stays the same

A constant flow of change

   A leaf heading downstream until it gets to the end

Precious moments

   Experienced by us

Stored in our souls

   And there is still everything to be known

An eternal well of novelty doesn’t just live inside of you

    It is you

Everything is precious 

  Every moment fleeting

Every heart beating has a different view than you do

  That’s how everything can be new for everyone everywhere all at one 

That’s how every perspective can be unique

  It’s a perfect creation

This life thing

  It’s an incredible experience

300 trillion cells in your body

On a 14.2 billion year old Earth

Life building 



7.4 billion souls here with you

And you are just a little pinball 

Getting hit over and over again 

100 billion neurons firing in your brain every second

Look out to the night sky

And see a galaxy

Look within

And see 

The same thing . . . 

   If you ever feel small

When you look back at it all

   I want you to remember something

To an electron, you are a galaxy.



CH 5/15/24

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