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Street Jesus

I ran into him on the street.

He was dressed in jeans, a white t-shirt and sandals.

He spoke like he had lived a hundred lives.

His eyes held my gaze

and they said one thing to me,

he was genuinely interested in every word I spoke to him.

He was with me,

present in the moment.

I asked him to help me.

He said he already was,

And that he always had been.

He listened intently.

He spoke calmly and with compassion.

I told him about my struggles.

I told him I had a tough time with money.

I told him I had a tough time with relationships.

He told me not to worry too much about the money,

but the relationship thing,

he told me to work on that.

He said that I have to love myself

before I can love anyone else.

He told me that that I was genuine

and so was my love.

He said that I was not made to fake it.

So i should be patient,

not force it,

and some day,

it’ll happen.

He smiled and said all the waiting will be worth it.

I told him about the problems of the world.

That it was a fucked-up place.

He asked me what I was doing to make it better.

I told him that I didn't see the point.

He said that I need to try,

and that I could make a much bigger impact than I thought

He said,

one man can save the world.

He said he knew this to be true,

for he,

he had already done it.

I asked him that if he had already saved the world,

then why did I have to try to save it again?

He said the world will always need saving.

It’ll always be worth trying.

So i thanked Street Jesus

and went about my day;

wondering if I really could do something

to move the needle

towards good.


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