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Street Creeks

Here is another one

for no reason at all


to do something

It was a cold winter day

There wasn’t a star in the sky

and the rain was heavy.

The water ran down the street along the sidewalks,

like a little stream

a little creek

right outside my door.

The people were all staying in

Staying warm

I was feeling restless

So I grabbed my jacket

and watched the stream for awhile

I saw twigs-



So much trash,

float down the street

and into the sewers.

I remember loving to float things down rivers to my little brother

To let a leaf go

and run along the bank

trying to keep up

as we imagined the leaf was a boat

sailing the rough seas

and when the leaf would sink

under the current

So would our hearts

So would our hopes

but how quick the child can forget

and try again.

As I watch the trash float down into the sewers

I do not feel the joy I had as a child

I do not feel like running around

watching it float downstream

as it goes down the sewer drain

I feel sick


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