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And freedom 


And the mind

   The shadow side

And Einstein

   Changing your life

Free will

    Standing still

An expanding universe

   A new verse

One that hits deep

   Even though that pain doesn’t hurt

Like it used to

And that muse is amused with how she moved in you

    How she moved through you . . .

You still don’t know

   What your words are worth

Probably worthless, the impostor whispers

Probably worthless . . .

Searching for meaning

   As meaning searches for you

But your shadow

  Doesn’t want any responsibility  

So you shelter in place 

   Never making a move

Never finding your groove

   You can’t hurt

If you never lose . . . can you?

Can You?

The world moves, though

And us along with it

   It spins 

It spits fire

   And shoots electricity across the sky

It sneezes rain

   And coughs up wind

And to you

  It all feels the same within 

It all feels the same within . . .


  A spinning turmoil 

As they drill for more oil

   And they’ll probably keep drilling

Until this spinning rock drops

And I never knew

I was her defender 

Until she reminded me

That she is me

And I am her

And together

We are something


We are hardly anything

Only a single grain of sand

Inside the mind of the madman 

But together

We are Earth

     We are the poison 

And we are the cure

  Always stronger together 

Surfing on the whims of the wind

    Calling it living 

Everything that can happen outside

   Can also happen within

Feel it

   And live it

Be bold

  And brave

And for the love of all the Gods


Ask questions

   Step out of line

Change the view from inside of your mind

   And spin those eyeballs around

And see 


That is you

   That is me

Keep thinking

   Keep believing 

Keep trying

  Stop hiding

Stop lying 

    Try finding




When you need to speak

  Because holding your tongue

Makes the whole world go numb


  Holding your tongue 

    When you should speak your peace

  Makes your insides go numb

   CH 4/19/24

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