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Something So Pathetically Human That No A.I. Could Write It

Extreme vulgarity

May be needed

In this fight

Against A.I. writing's

This is where I can be of use.

A style so vulgar

So grotesque

No A.I.

Would write such a thing

Something so pathetically human

So finite

That an A.I.

Could never write it




Free verse poetry

It could be the antidote


Here is

A big fuck you

To the A.I. users.

Take a step back

And fuck yourself

This is not your poetry

This is a fight

A fight for art

And what it means

To be human

And this writer

Loves to fight

Every artists

Join this fight


We will drown

In this era

Of technological revolutions

We will be lost

If we lose this fight

We must rage against the night

We must fight to write

And write to fight


This revolution of ours

Is now

A call to arms

So show the world

What it means

To be

A human writer

And write something so pathetically human

That the reader

Has no choice

But to admit

That a human wrote it.


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