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Snow On Valentine's Day

Today is a day for love

It’s a day for flowers


and sex

It’s a day to express

how you feel for someone

It’s a day to show

them what they mean to you

It’s a day

filled with red hearts-



Soft kisses

Little acts of gratitude

Big romantic gestures

Fancy dinners

Nice clothes

and kinky sex

(or romantic sex for the ‘vanilla’s’)

Some of us will be alone though,

wishing we had someone to spend the day with

We’ll see all the pictures

of the happy couples

We’ll know that they have

what we don’t

It’s easy to look at them with envy

“Why do THEY get happiness??

Why do THEY get love??

Why don’t I??”

But being bitter about this is pointless

Being jealous of the happy couples isn’t productive

It doesn’t change anything

and it might even make you

harder to love

Being happy for other people's happiness

Isn’t something that always comes naturally


You have to work at it

You have to catch yourself;

correct yourself

and practice it

Like a skill you want to get better at

Be happy for their happiness

Even if you’re dying inside

Even if your suffering

It isn’t easy

The easy path is envy

Try the more meaningful path

The one full of gratitude

The one full of compassion

The one where you don’t become bitter

I got a little box of candy

from a coworker a few weeks ago


two days ago

out of impulse

out of hopefulness,

I wrote down the name of a woman on it

In intent to give it to her

if I saw her

I’ve had it in my backpack since then

I just had a feeling

that I might run into her

I haven’t yet

and I probably won’t,

but I’d like too

If I don’t see her,

then I won’t say anything ,

and if I do,

then I’ll tell her too much

I’ll leave it up to the universe to decide


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