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Slowly Flirting Towards Nirvana

She’s adorable

And smart

And her tits

Are huge

If I am being honest

I want to take off her top

Walk up behind her

Smell her hair

And run my hands up from her pelvis

Over her stomach

Until I get to the art

That has been hidden from me

For years now


I’d want to kiss her neck

As I use both hands

To squeeze her tits

I’d pull her hair a little

Exposing more her neck

As her head snaps back

My hard cock would be rubbing against her

And it would be

Rock hard

Pulsing, even

Because I’ve been wanting to have her

For so long now

The anticipation alone

Would probably make me cum

I’d keep one hand squeezing one of her tits

And then run the other one up to her throat

And give it a slight squeeze

Just to see if she is into it

And when she is

I’ll squeeze a little harder

Just a little

As I nibble on her earlobe


I’d reach around

And unbutton her jeans

That always fit around her perfect ass

So tightly

And I’d pull her pants down to her ankles

Pulling pretty hard to get them off of her ass

I’d pull one pant leg off

And then the other one

And of course

I have to take off the socks

And then kiss slowly

Up the inside of her leg

Working my way to the promised land

Where I’d have to stay

For a couple days

And really familiarize myself with

What her body responds to

I’d only come up for air

If I was going to pass out

Only after she has cam

A few times

Would I emerge

With my cock in my hand

I’d look at her in the eyes

As I climb on top of her

And I’d keep the eye-contact

As I slowly thrust

My big

And pulsing cock

Inside of her

Hearing her soft little moan

In my ear

As I thrust deeper into her

And harder


It would be

Nirvana for me

Maybe someday

I’ll actually ask her out.

CH 2/14/24

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