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The waves of the ocean rock back and forth

As I fall asleep

Dreams of drowning in the deep

Stir with every heartbeat

Back and forth

I am rocked into a nightmare

Dark clouds loom above the birds

A storm is coming

The whales sound the alarm

As they cry out for Love

But she is away today

On vacation

It’s an hour for back-breaking winds

And impaling rains

Thunder echoes the cries of pain

And lighting illuminates the darkness

It’s a wet-dream for a starving artists

If he can survive the temper of the Gods, that is

Apollo has promised victory in the future

But only if

He can

Walk on water

He steps out

Onto a sea lion

And she takes him on a ride

Into the middle

Of the darkness

The furthest place

From hope that a man and sea lion can get

I scream for Apollo to settle the sea

But he tells me

That’s a job for Poseidon

And he is with Love

On vacation

So Apollo whispers,

“Fight back.”

He is always saying this

And I usually listen

That is why

He likes me

But I don’t know how to fight a storm

I am no match

But he persists

“We are the storm.”

“I am just a man, not a God, like you, Apollo!”

And that was when the waves settled

And the water became still

“Look down.”

I look

And see

My reflection

“You are the storm.”

And that was when I started to sink.


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