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Tree’s are wrapped in lights

And we can see our exhales

With beanies on our heads

And boots on our feet

We hop from shop to shop

Because this time of the year

Things need to get bought

The kids impatiently wait

For a magical man to emerge from the sky

The grand childhood lie

Makes me wonder

What else can we hide?

Where are all of the lies?

If we can buy in to the man in the sky

Then where is the line?

It seems to be

So fine

So small

But we manufacturer joy

With toys

For a few kids to get

But they never forget

The grand lie they were told

Even when they get old

They know

That a magic was real

The magic was real. . .

And we all pretend that it isn’t a big deal

That we steal

The magic from them

And then

A sleight of hand happens

While the children are napping

We sneak in a new magical man in the sky

But this one can make it so we can be happy when we die . . .

We never have to say good-bye

Because someday we will have a giant reunion in the sky

We have believe with everything in our soul, though

We cannot doubt the magical man

Or we won’t get our presents

And if we aren’t grateful enough for him

Then we get put on the naughty list

Where we become an eternal burning coal

Yes, he promises this

And somedays I wonder

If anything magical still exists. . .

What’s a myth

And what’s legit?

Is life a dance of the two?

Is it a mix?

And does believing in it

Or not

Make any difference?

Either way

I still have to

Pay my rent.

CH 12/15/23

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