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Safe In Our Comfort Castles

How the hell

Do we break this spell?

I can’t tell

What’s real . . .

What’s a big deal

And what is small fries

I can’t tell what is truth

And what is a lie . . .

Is this life good

Or bad?

How many children

Made my clothes?

How many chemicals

Are in my shit?

How much longer

Can we pretend America is great?

How many lithium mines

Are needed

To feed our phones?

And it all

Grows and grows and grows . . .

And even when it gets exposed

We stay at home

In our comfort castles

And just keep


We keep going

Like none of it matters anymore

We are selfish

We exploit migrant workers

And child labor

To maintain

Our comfort castles

And no one

Wants to change . . .

How the hell

Do we break this spell?


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