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Right Between The Eyes

I’ve come undone

A lost man

Searching for the sun

Crows circle above my head

And rain clouds are above her wings

I look up at the dark sky

And see the first drop

Falling towards me

I don’t move

And I let it hit me

Right between my eyes

The crow screams above my head

Then the rest of the drops follow

And I realize

There is music in nature

The noise of fresh rain

Hitting pavement

Sounds like a snare drum

In a short crescendo

The rain pounds down

And then the thunder

Rocks the skies

It’s the base to the snare

Wind shakes the chimes

Hanging from the houses

And lightning

Captures a quick picture

Of the undone man

Who’s still lost

Searching for the sun

But is only greeted

By rain clouds

And booming storms

As he steps in a puddle

He realizes

That only searching for the sun

When there is

So much music

Out there

For him to experience

Is a silly thing to do

“Fuck the sun,”

He says to himself

“I don’t need it.”

He/I jump over the next puddle

“I can stay in the storm.”

And he/I stopped searching.

CH 8/27/23

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