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Redeemed And Cursed

It really is in other people

That we are both tortured

And loved

They curse us

And redeem us

And they

Are we


And me

It is in these little human relationships

Where beauty is found

But also


In one moment someone has you infuriated

For no reason at all

But two hours later

And you’re laughing with someone else

We create deep wounds in each other

And then we heal each other

The will to power (Nietzsche)

The denial of death (Becker)

Love being the through-line (Jesus)

Sex being the motivator behind everything (Freud)

Awakening our true selves (Yung)

The ideas that we think drive us

Are faceless

In the eyes of the other


When your loved one is dying


In the mundane grind of the working person

It’s all too big

Too broad

To hit

The individual

In his soul

Where he/she needs it

The magic lives in our relationships

But so does

The chaos

We must tame our dragons

In order to

Nurture each other

And grow together

It is the only way

We can survive

This sinking ship

Redeemed and cursed

By our relationships


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